Message from the Associate Dean, Research and Innovation


Research and Innovation in the arts are all around us, embedded in the cultural products that we produce, examine, and enjoy. Arts research, like all research, is a process of systematic investigation, in search of new conclusions and new meanings. Arts innovation is the parallel and complementary activity of bringing new methods and modes to life. For CTSA faculty and students, research and innovation activities are the seeds that grow into creative excellence.  

CTSA Research and Innovation brings together facilities, funding programs, and other initiatives that support the school's research, innovation, and interdisciplinary activities. This can mean studying the science of movement in Dance; researching modes of performance across cultures in Drama; connecting performers across continents in Music; or finding new ways to present critical ideas in Art. CTSA research and innovation has impact around the world and in our local community that are both urgent and award-winning.

In the new Spotlights series, we will feature our faculty and students in conversation about their research ideas, journeys and perspectives. With this website, we are bringing even greater visibility to the vibrant Research and Innovation successes in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts.


Jesse Colin Jackson
Associate Dean, Research and Innovation


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The Claire Trevor School of the Arts' Office of Research is fosters creative partnerships with internal and external entities in order to further support faculty and student research.