Professor Alan Terricciano Releases His Latest Album "Other Dances, Other Songs"

Renowned composer, pianist, and Professor of Dance Alan Terricciano recently released his album, “Other Dances, Other Songs.” This captivating collection of classical compositions takes listeners on a journey through Terricciano’s creative brilliance, spanning two decades of his significant work.

The album features a selection of Terricciano’s compositions, including two highlights, “Closer Orbits” and “Baltimore Gambol,” originally commissioned and premiered in choreographic settings. The title of the first piano trio, “Other Dances, Other Songs,” beautifully encapsulates the essence of the entire recording, where the spirit of song and dance pervades every musical piece.

Terricciano collaborated with an ensemble of musicians for the recordings, including the extraordinary talents of Oleg Yatsyna on violin, Ivan Renansky on cello, Marina Romeyko on piano, Sergiu Musat on clarinet, all under the baton of conductor Mihail Agafita, the Symphonic Orchestra of The National Philharmonic “Serghei Lunchevici” of The Republic of Moldova.

The album was released by Phasma-Music, a nonprofit foundation that aspires to promote contemporary art activities worldwide and seeks to work with national and international organizations interested in promoting and performing today's art. Listeners can fully immerse themselves in Terricciano’s imaginative and evocative compositions with a run time of 74:12 minutes.

Terricciano is recognized as an award-winning composer who has established himself as a leading figure in modern dance, ballet, and theater. Having performed at prestigious venues such as the City Center in New York, the Paris Conservatoire, and the Sejong Cultural Center in Seoul, Korea, Terricciano’s compositions have resonated with audiences worldwide.

Notable performances of his works include the Minnesota Orchestra and the Northwestern University New Music Ensemble, while his compositions have been performed in renowned venues such as the Carpenter Center, the Ford Amphitheater, and the Joyce Theater in New York City. Throughout his career, Terricciano has collaborated with esteemed choreographers such as Donald McKayle, Douglas Nielson, David Grenke, Liz Lerman, and Colin Connor while also crafting compelling theatrical scores, including the New Swan Shakespeare Festival.

“Other Dances, Other Songs” is an exceptional album by Terricciano and serves as a testament to his enduring creativity and artistic expertise and is poised to establish itself as a timeless masterpiece within the classical music landscape.


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Phasma Music

Posted Date: 
September 03, 2023